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How to Find a Valuable Solution to Common Sports Injuries

According to Statistics Canada, “35% of injuries occurred during participation in some type of sports or exercise. Two–thirds (66%) of injuries among young people (aged 12 to 19) were related to sports. This was more than twice as high as working-age adults (29%) and about seven times higher than seniors (9%).” Additionally, “the most commonly injured body part among young people (aged 12 to 19) was their feet or ankles (33%).”

If you play a sport, be it basketball, baseball, hockey, football, soccer, or run, you may be exposed to pervasive sports-related injuries. Foot or ankle-related pain or injuries could come about through a combination of bio mechanics and the inherent nature of these strenuous activities.

Common problems include:

-A sprained ankle

-Tendinitis -Fasciitis


-Muscle ache, and

-Pain related to the toenail

Having a proper foot care specialist to assess the situation would be the smartest choice to full recovery.

What would be the most valuable solution?

If you have any sports-related injuries or pain in your feet, come and visit Dr. Kolovsky at his office! Click here to fill out a request form, or call us to make appointment.

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